Saturday, November 3, 2012

Release of Stick Legacy - World 1

Stick Legacy - World 1 Released

After many weeks of frustration, delay, and hard work I am proud to present Stick Legacy - World 1! (finally) I am very pleased with my latest Stencyl production and hope you will be too!  The game is the first in a series called the Sitck Legacy series (kindov self-explanatory) with a # of worlds (not sure yet).  You can play the on Kongregate for free via my IvoryRodGames profile: -->

Here's an update for my other games as well: 

1.  I am thinking of releasing a polished version of Brick Block Breaker Extreme!

2.  Aliens vs Aliens is still delayed for the moment… I am having a hard time fixing bugs.  :(

3.  I have an idea for a new project coming from Adobe Flash CS6!  It will be my second game from Adobe Flash, but I now have my awesome book; Beginning Flash Game Prgramming For Dummies which you can get here:

Thx to all you guys! :D