Thursday, December 26, 2013

Reveal + New Years Plans

OK.  So I am back and the big reveal is happening NOW.  But first, I'd like to go through my New Years Resolutions and Plans for 2014!

- As you know IvoryRodGames has not been super great with DEDICATION, per say.  This is going to change.  Oh yes it's going to change BIG TIME.  So, to top off the list of my New Years Resos(just roll with it) we have item number one!

1.  IvoryRodGames will release at least one game every three months!!!!  Awww Yeah!

I have actually put a lot of thought into this and I want to make myself sit down and program... at least one game every three months.  I know that this will make me improve by a long-shot!  Of course, when I start making more and more complex and large games I might have to change this statistic.  I mean which would prefer:  Lots of crappy games or a few good games?  Exactly.  So look forward to this change starting 2014!

- Next up is, of course, my Resolution revolving around music.  I have been releasing content of Dubstep and Electro probably more this year than I have games.  That is the magic of discovering a new thing that you love.  So here is Resolution number two!

2.  I will be releasing at least one song every two months from my new channel on Youtube!

This is much like the first Resolution, except that I am more capable of releasing content for music than I am games.  Make no mistake, making music is hard work... but making good quality games is harder. There will be more details on this in the BIG REVEAL.

- One of my greatest struggles, and I mean greatest, has simply been updating.  This could include all of the following:  Game Trailers, Twitter Updates, and Blog Updates.  I think this is mostly due to school and swimming.  8th grade has not been like any other grade, and I am forced to go to swim team every single day for 2 hour practices.  I really haven't had much time to update so I focused on just releasing content.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Resolution number three!

3.  I will be managing my time more usefully so I can update IvoryRodGames a lot more!

Simple enough, but really important in my opinion.  You can't really run a successful games company if no one knows that you've released a new game right?  So I will chase school down and get it done fast and efficiently so I have more time to write Blog posts and Twitter updates.  I will also see if I can slow down my active participation in swimming because, lets be honest here, I'm not planning to go to the Olympics.  I'm much more likely to make my living as a successful businessman on something related to computers too.

And that concludes my New Years Resolutions List!  Go IvoryRodGames! :D

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... the BIG REVEAL...

Carson Bartholomew Officially Makes Music

Yes!  I am officially releasing Dubstep and Electro under the name Avoryx!  :D

This is a decision that I put a lot of time and effort into... I have the ability to release music now and it will be through Youtube.  I will offer free downloads of any of my songs, but also I hope to release to iTunes.  I am applying right now and we will see what happens with that.  In the mean time any songs I release will be available for purchase probably on BandCamp.  I haven't uploaded my first song to Youtube yet but I will VERY soon because it's all done and ready to go!  I am SOOOO excited you have no idea! Stay tuned for my first song!

The name came from Ivory but changed to an A and with an X at the end for... style.  Honestly I am pleased with it and I don't want it to be automatically associated with IvoryRodGames.  I also am thinking I will start up a new Blog just for Avoryx so I can stay organized.  But I will still keep the "My Music" ribbon on this blog for any music made just for my games.

These are my plans for next year guys! If you're actually reading this that means you haven't given up on me!  Thanks for listening and see ya next year!

- Carson/IvoryRodGames/Avoryx ;)